Friday, October 5, 2007

Sydney University and Bollywood

The excitement of flying to Uluru (Ayers Rock)later on top of too much delicious Indian food is proving a superior foe to sleep. So I will post a few random thoughts over the last few days, as Audra and I will be off the web for 2 weeks. But we are taking a laptop so we can draft posts, and we will have my fun camera, so be prepared for a glut upon our return to Sydney.

I hooked up with Audra at Sydney University and we went to lunch. The University is very much like any campus, alive with youthful exuberance, and a combination of very old and very new architecture. The lab where she works is not as slick as corporate science facilities, probably because there is no profit to be gained, just knowledge, so it seems to be OK to fund that activity at a lesser level.

The photo of "cockfighters ghost" is from the window of a liquor store and made me wonder - I don't approve of cockfighting, and if I believed in ghosts,
I would find them scary, so why is this phrase appealing to me?

Some differences noticed so far:
smash repair - auto body shop
98% fat free milk - 2% fat milk
(and the 98% is thicker than the 2%. how can that be?
doesn't the math work out to make them the same product?)
eggs are not kept in the refrigerated section of a supermarket
one "falls pregnant" (well, the females do)
if you are the sole passenger in a cab, you ride in the front with the driver
Hungry Jack's - Burger King
byo is the norm in restaurants
If possible, fail to pronounce an "r". Second choice, pronounce it as a vowel.
If all else fails, pronounce it.
B"r"itney Speeahs just lost custody of her kids.

Ouch. I am leaving to dig the antacids out of my packed luggage. Stay tuned for stories of tasting kangaroo, emu and crocodile, my attempt to snorkel, and my Whitsunday cruise.