Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A night at the Opera

In spite of misguided advice, Audra stayed strong and got tickets to see Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Gondoliers" at the Sydney Opera House. I really wanted to be inside, and was not about to sit through Wagner to do so. We started the evening with a lovely gourmet Chinese dinner at "The East" with a table outside on the Quay where we could view our destination as we savored Scallops with pea pods, Lettuce wraps, and Magic King Prawns with fungus and snake beans.

We had a charming time in the loo before the opera, and our seats were front row balcony. Audra let me have the 10% obstructed view seat, and she took the 28% obstructed view seat, but it was all good. There was no one behind us for several rows, so it was like having a private box. The Zanies were charming, making me forget I really do not like mimes. The singers were excellent, the production charming, and we were close enough to see the expressions on the performer's faces. We could peer into the orchestra pit and watch the conductor.

We had a perfectly charming evening, enjoying Gilbert and Sullivan in spite of the well meaning naysayers. So phhhht!

I posted the pictures myself without Audra's assistance, which is why some did not get rotated. I will do better next time.

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Mel said...

Sorry if this makes it twice, but had to comment on the "Daring Festival Plays", an inside joke which I hope Linda remembers!