Saturday, January 19, 2008

Aussie Ears

While watching the magnificent tennis match in the Australian Open in which Roger Federer needed a fifth set to beat Janko Tipsarevic, I immediately realized my ears needed an Aussie tune up. The score could not possibly be 14-13 could it? Did my brain take a break and totally forget tennis scoring? A look up from my knitting reassured me that indeed, the score was 40-30 and I had relapsed into the Yankee habit of actually expecting every syllable in the word to be pronounced, and clearly to boot!

Before you protest, let me offer further evidence of the laziness of Australian pronunciation. Later in the match, one of the commentators was talking about Federer "hitting to the Jew side." Gasp! That cannot be what he said! How ignorant and rude! And what the hell does it mean?

Bless modern technology. I backed up the digital recorder, and put the sound on mute. The person/software doing the translation from word to closed captions offered up "hitting to the juice side." Okay, better than the Jew side, but I am still confused. Again, what the hell does it mean? Illumination - the game has progressed, the score is "Deuce" and the announcer clearly says "Juice."

I rest my case.


Audra said...

My ears are tired. Kevin and I still entertain ourselves endlessly by repeating convoluted vowel sounds to each other.

I now sit next to a Kiwi. It took some deliberation between the two of us for me to discern that, in fact, she was not a hippie - only declaring her current emotional state.

Audra said...

Every morning during the morning news, my attention is snapped by the sportscaster declaring "and there was a lot of nipple action on the courts last night" as the footage shows girls in skirts going up for a jump shot...then I realize he is talking about 'netball'.